Hello and Welcome to NeareStore!  My name is Skimersan and I invite you to take your time and browse our Store.

NeareStore sells digital scrapbooking illustrations, frames, paper and elements – ANY GOODS FOR 2 DOLLARs!

So, whether you are an Individual Buyer looking for a great deal, a Scrap Store Owner looking for quality merchandise for your store, or an Employer looking for quality material for its own Digital Business, NeareStore has what you need!  You will never pay a membership fee or be required to register with our store, you will always receive our low prices!

We are often asked the question “Why are your prices so low”?  Many of our shoppers feel that, because our prices are so low, our merchandise must be of poor quality.  NOT SO!  The reason our prices are so low is because of the fact that:

- NeareStore are a small, family owned and operated business with low overhead.

- All orders are processed manually, not automatically. We expect confirmation from Paypal system of funding the account and only then send the order to the address specified by you. So the order does not come immediately after the payment, you need to expect it within the hour.

- We care for all of our customers on a personal level and don’t believe in paying someone to take care of our shoppers and customers for us.

- We keep our advertising costs to a minimum by relying on “word of mouth” advertising.

You may use Purchased Digital Illustrations in any form of Your Business, but use it for Good Work!

Thank You
For look in to NeareStore
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